What is Hante Pay?

Software Solution | Bridge | Integration


An app for all your needs


Access to cross-border payment

On-site and online services


Hante meets the needs of:

Account holders, businesses, transferring funds


Four payment platforms for you to use 

One Simple App

No additional hardware required to complete transactions

No operating costs

Scan the QR Code to Download "HantePay" App


HantePay Cashier

Employee’s Page

One Stop For All

Meeting Your Industry Needs

iPad | iPad Mini | iPhone -- Compatible with every model for your convenience

iPad: preferred choice with Square
iPad mini: preferred choice for mobility
iPhone: preferred choice for any scenario

Safety for Users, Businesses, and Transferring of Funds

WeChat Pay user already verified

Physical IDs never have to be exchanged

Immediate confirmation of payment

WeChat verifies legitimacy of the business

A token to ensure transaction security 

IP address verification to protect user's identity

China: Foreign exchange accounts under real-time supervision | State Administration of Foreign Exchange 

USA: Funds under protection from a custodian bank | FinCEN

Cross-border funds arrives in T+2 working days, convenient and safe