Step 1: Submit Merchant Information

Hante’s merchant application process requires some basic information regarding the merchant’s business. By submitting the business license, business ownership identification, copy of the company’s void check, company bank account, bank statements from the past three months, and company website or evidence of the operation will allow WeChat to approve the merchant’s status.

Step 2: Additional Merchant Information

Once Hante receives approval from WeChat, Hante requires the submission of the Merchant Application Form. This will be sent to the merchant via email in the form of a PDF and requires the merchant’s signature for authorization.

Step 3: Finalizing Application

Hante will process the form and open a WeChat Pay merchant account. A Hante team will contact the merchant if any information is missing.

Step 4: Account Testing and User Training

When the Hante Team receives confirmation, we will create a “Manager’s Account” on the “Hante App” for the merchant. Furthermore, the merchant will be contacted for training.

Step 5: Receive Initial Payment

When the “Manager’s Account” meets the $100 minimum, you will receive a bank wire within T+2 working days. If there are any questions or problems, please contact Hante’s customer service immediately

Step 6: Finalization

The application is now complete. The entire process should take 1-7 business days.



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